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Business idea

As occasion for realization of such projects was start of manufacture at our factory of soy product - "by-pass" protein (trade mark "Belkoff") new to Russia.

This product is made at our factory and used for feeding of high-produced cows.

Using of "Belkoff" allows to reduce amount of waste products per 1 cow, and together with growth having bothered considerably reduces the general livestock of dairy herd of Russia necessary for satisfaction of dairy need of its population (today 9,2 million dairy cows, 6,0 million suffices).

The information about creation over the world by 1,3 billion cows of the greatest share of methane emissions (its "thermo-hold" ability in 21 times above than CO2), importance and urgency of the problem has inspired us for active work in this direction.

The second and deciding occasion in the decision on creation of another company on reduction of greenhouse gases became choice of our company as partner with "AES AgriVerde" on construction of bioreactors.

Owners of dairy farms and hog barns have great interest to construction of bioreactors in Russia!

It is promoted with the big investments directed by the State within the framework of the program of agrarian and industrial complex (only in 2007 $4 billion).

Such intensification of animal industries is dangerous to the nature & bioreactors could help neutralize this influence.

Cooperation "AES AgriVerde" and "Terrabio" on installation of bioreactors is the basic among ecological projects of "Terrabio". Our company plans to involve private clients (investors) for feasible participation in this project.

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