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Terrabio technologies

Terrabio projects

Projects with zero emission СО2

                                                              Power generation from renewable sources is basis of carbon and generally "green" certification. Your money are put in the projects connected to generation of "clean" energy.



Biodiesel engine

Fast-paced market of biofuel is one of the most perspective. Used food oil, fuel from oil-plants, fuel on the basis of the spirit produced from specially grown plants - all this allows to lower loading on the environment by means of reorientation of transport economy to biofuel.




Energy from biomass, made by means of gathering and burning of methane from sources like the cow manure is renewable and thus having zero emission in the atmosphere. Emissions of methane, the greenhouse gas absorbing infrared rays in 22 times above in comparison with СО2, also are reduced.




Energy-efficient technologies

We support energy-efficient technologies by the repayment of credits on stock exchanges, voluntary system of payment for emissions in which participants agree about achievement of annual reduction of emissions СО2. These emissions are constantly kept from their ingress in the atmosphere.

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