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Neutralization of influence on climate
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Neutralization of influence on climate

Now the form of certificates is being making and we plan to sell ones as indemnification of harm for the nature:
  • To owners of automobiles;
  • To air travellers;
  • To owners of houses, yachts;
  • To corporations;
  • Other.

The absolute transparency and availability of the control of financial "streams" is provided.
It is planned to raise number of clients up to 50 thousand to the end of the 2nd year of our work.

We understand, that it's not a simple task, and owe to direct significant attention and means on enlightenment, advertising and brand creation. At the same time we are inspired with interest of people in the decision of this problem and reality of construction of hundreds bioreactors in Russia. Also daily weather news, and for example, WWF's, "Green Peace"'s activity, A.Gore's movement speak about correctness of the chosen way and prompt action.

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