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Criteria of site

To be recognized as the Potential Site with a view of this Contract, the site or group of sites should correspond  to the following criteria:

  1. the site represents a dairy, cattle-breeding, pig-breeding or poultry farm in territory of Russia which will be acceptable as the JI-project with use of applied technologies and approved by United Nations of the techniques used AAV;
  2. individual or legal person signing the Letter of intents, should show on it the legal powers (the property rights or appropriate rights on the ground);
  3. the physical or legal person signing the Letter of intent, should confirm, that AAV employees  can get necessary access to the site for realization of construction work and monitoring;
  4. the site has the minimal size of herd (animals quantity, falling one open manure pit/or a few close located open manure pits), equal: 1000 dairy cows; 2000 beef cattle, 8000 adult pigs, 1 million birds (poultry);
  5. the site has sufficient on volume open manure pit/or a few close located open manure pits, or there are documents containing plans of construction open manure pit if one is absent on a site;
  6. the site has the centralized system for collect of manure/ removing of manure for collecting all (or nearly so all) the manure made by animals on this site.
  7. the site only with the all-the-year-round confinement of animal (dairy cows) without pasturage will be considered;
  8. the site where as bedding for animals  is used sand or straw (a deep bedding), or if there are absent the documents containing plans of refusal of sand or straw as a bedding for animals, will not be considered;
  9. for dairy or beef / processing farms the following criteria take place:
    • The open storehouse of waste products should be depth not less than one meter;
    • Manure/waste products of processing manufacture all-the-year-round should be in open storehouse;
    • Period HRT should be more than 30 days (HRT = Vt / Vd), where

Vt - volume of open storehouse of waste products (m3);

Vd - average quantity of the waste products collected in open storehouse of waste products during day (m3 / day)

The note: If there are questions concerning conformity of the site to the above-stated criteria, necessarily contact AAV for the further discussion.

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